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How to get to Siargao


From abroad you can take a flight to Cebu, Manila, Clark, Davao or Butuan airports. There are domestic flights from all these cities to Siargao, Del Carmen airport. Cebu and Manila have the most connections.

We can organise a van transport from the airport. Cost is 300php/person one way in a shared van and 1500php for a private van (max 5 people). The journey takes about 40 minutes. 

Another option to arrive to Siargao is by ferry from Surigao city to Dapa port. There are various ferries each day. We recommend one of the fast crafts, which is a 1.5h journey and costs about 200 - 350 pesos. Roro (Montenegro lines) takes longer, about 3,5-4 hours.


From Dapa port you can find tricycle drivers or we can book a private van for you.

What to eat in Siargao

You can enjoy many local dishes as well as western food in Siargao. Local delicacies include lechon (a whole roasted pig), kinilaw (local ceviche with vinegar), Halo Halo (amazing dessert that includes everything), lechon manok (grilled chicken), and maha blanca (coconut dessert). You can find delicious fresh fish and seafoods from the market every day.

There are a few local BBQ places in Malinao. Closest restaurants to us are located in Soultribe and Retreat. Many restaurants in General Luna ​offer delivery service if you dont feel like 

Money / ATMs​

Payment methods at our place are cash, PayPal, bank transfer or Gcash. 

There are several ATMs (which accept international bank cards) in General Luna but sometimes they are offline / out of cash, so we recommend bringing some cash with you. 

You will need cash in the markets, and most of the restaurants and shops accept cash & Gcash. 

Currency exchange services like Palawan and M'Lhuillier, are available in General Luna. 

Weather in Siargao

You can travel to Siargao all year round. Normally rainy season starts in mid-December and lasts until end of February. During rainy season it can rain for weeks or you might get lucky and still have very sunny days with just rain during the nights.

The waves are best for surfing between August & November, but beginners & intermediates will enjoy the waves even after November all the way to April/May. The wind for kitesurfing is blowing from December to beginning of March. The weather is normally most consistently sunny during hot summer months from March to September.

Temperature is quite even throughout the year, normally around 28 celcius. Sea is warm all year round, between 26 - 31 degrees celcius. 

Surfing in Siargao​

Siargao is known as the surfing capital of the Philippines. It was made famous by the most challenging surf spot called Cloud 9, which also hosts a yearly international surfing competition. 


Additionally to pro-level Cloud 9, you can find numerous nice surf spots suitable for beginners and intermediate surfers too. For example Dako, Pilar, Pansukian, Pacifico, Rock Island and Stimpy's spots offer great surfs with the right conditions. Some of the spots you can reach from the beach and to some of them you travel with a bangka boat. 

You can use websites like Magicseaweed to check waves and tides, but we strongly recommend hiring a local surfguide or instructor to bring you to the perfect spot for you. ​Feel free to ask us for recommendations.