On our travels around the world we always wanted to stay in a small, simple and stylish house by the natural sandy beach, see the ocean  when you wake up in the morning, be able to walk to the beach from your house in your bikinis or pyjamas, stay in a peaceful place out from the tourist area but no too far from the services and surf spots and still pay a reasonable price.

That’s how we wanted our

Surfing Carabao Beach Houses to be.

We would like to tell you a couple of things to make sure you made a right choice for your stay in Siargao:

- We are located out from the touristic area of General Luna and Cloud 9. Our village Malinao, is part of General Luna but it takes about 10 minutes by motorbike to go to the main area. Malinao is a local village, there are few local shops and food stalls. Most of the restaurants and bars are in the the General Luna tourist area. That said, you will need a vehicle. The handiest thing is to rent a motorbike / scooter if you are comfortable driving one. You can also use local motorbike taxis and tricycles, but they can be some times a bit hard to find in Malinao.

- We don’t have a restaurant. We have a well equipped communal kitchen you can freely use to cook your meals.

- We have very social and sweet dogs roaming free around the property. Also there are sometimes dog visitors from the village.

- Our place is are not a 24 hours operating resort, more like rental bungalows. Our reception hours are  6-19 except 8-16 on Saturday and Sunday. For other times we have an emergency number. 

- We have wi-fi, that works sometimes. That said, internet can be really bad in the whole island and Malinao is not the places with the best connection. So if having internet connection is essential for you to work etc. maybe Surfing Carabao is not the best option for you.

- Surfing Carabao is only for adults. We do not provide extra beds and do not accept extra guests.

SURFING CARABAO BEACH HOUSES - General Luna, Siargao Island, 8419 Surigao Del Norte, Philippines

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